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Hello from the other side of the Pacific
Hello everyone.
My name is samuel(well i just gave myself a English name)
I'm 23 years old and i come from China.
I use VPN to find this website. I wonder if i could make any friends here.
My English is bad and i'm trying to improve it.
This website is cool and i already saw a lot of interesting topics here.

Hobbies:Swimming mostly. And i love watching American TV shows.(with subtitles…)
Welcome to GS Smile
Ibex Wrote:Welcome to GS Smile
Hi Ibex . Nice to meet you.
Hi welcome to GS Smile
An eye for an eye
Dan1980 Wrote:Hi welcome to GS Smile
Hi! What time is it in UK?
Samuel Wrote:Hi! What time is it in UK?

It's 10.55 am here!
An eye for an eye
Hello from this side of the Pacific.

No, down. Down. Further down.

There I am.

Welcome to GS Smile
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Hello from the U.S. Welcome!
"Protection and power are overrated. I think you are very wise to choose happiness and love. There are reasons each of us are born. we have to find those reasons." - General Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Hello and welcome Smile
Welcome to GSSmile
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