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Hello my good sirs! I am British!
Hello and a jolly good afternoon to you all! Is it just me that look forward to the 8 o'clock tea? As you can see I speak proper English, that is because that I am British!

I live in Oxford and my hobbies are collecting stamps, and remember my childhood in South Africa.

[Image: JohnBull.gif]
Bloody 'ell you can be annoying!
Oh!The joy of firefox add-ons...Astrosmiley2

Milk or lemon dear? :tongue:
spotysocks Wrote:Milk or lemon dear? :tongue:

O Spoty old chap! You better know that I have my "seven roses" from South Africa. You be drinking it without any of those. Nothing really does it like the ones from back home right-o?

The ones you drink in Berkley are nothing but rubbish!
I wanna see ur Big Ben!! :tongue:
feelmychampagne Wrote:I wanna see ur Big Ben!! :tongue:

:biggrin: :biggrin:

[Image: 450px-Bigben.jpg]
wouldlikemuscle Wrote::biggrin: :biggrin:

[Image: 450px-Bigben.jpg]

ugh Computerprobs

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