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Hello there!
Hello! The name is Cody. Unfortunately still quite closeted. I am still trying to learn more about myself and the LGBT community. I live in Las Vegas at the moment. Still going to college and far from finished. I only very recently came to terms with my sexuality. I come from a very very traditional and conservative asian family so it has been very difficult for me to accept who I am. Thanks to some amazing friends I have been able to start accepting myself and loving myself for who I am. The main reason I am still in the closet is because some of my friends know my family and my family is the last I would want to find out until I am financially stable and able to take care of myself if they decide to kick me out. They probably wont but I prefer to be safer than sorry.

Also since I am from such a family I essentially live under a rock. Very inexperienced in the ways of love and life. When I mean inexperienced in love I mean noob status. Never dated or been in a relationship. Given my circumstances I am afraid to date or really be in a relationship. My family life is a bit complicated which I will probably indulge in a later date or if asked.

I joined GS so I can learn more about myself and since I barely have any LGBT friends I would like to make more! I also hope to grow from this experience. I hope I am not too much of a nuisance! Thanks!

PS: I hope it wasn't too long. I just wasn't sure what to say.
Welcome! Wavey
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Welcome CodyH to the forum! I hope You Will fine a lot of friend to talk to and learn about our life!!! You have a friend now!
hey , welcome ^^
Your introduction was just fine, actually. Welcome and I hope you get what you can out of the forum.
welcome to GS!! Wavey
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
welcome rto the forum mister hope ya lkike it here and within time ya get yaself sorted ands look back and go WTF lol i do in my life xx
Hello CodyWelcome

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