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I have to say that I really found these to be highly entertaining!

i'd also watched them ^^ nice
oo! lol glad to see people enjoying them! remember to leave commentsLaugh1 wudnt mind som ideas anybody has any??
How about something about Politics and the Iraq War! Or maybe something on Doctor Who? Smile
lol yeas i can rlyend a long time fussing over how plots in dr who make no sense. good idea, might save tht for the xmas special thoConfusedmile:
Studying drama huh? you definitely got 'something' hehe
hmm ideas? i am full of those but not at the moment. ah maybe this one about start doing stand up comedy.Wink

Time spent being less than happy is time waistedWavey



i just commented(funnypuffpuffboyhaha). i don't have any videos of my own...i just like to comment might want to check out my favoriots...
thanks for that but i cant see ur comment:confused: maybe it didnt go through and i cant find ur channel either :frown: lol try again if you like!!:biggrin:
NEW BLOG PEOPLE! lol may as wel advertise here nowLaugh1
LOL - very good. I liked the advert at the end, and of course your beautiful descriptions of your experiences of drama as Hook! Shame about the bodily damage, though.

Very entertaining! Confusedmile:

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