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Help... I think i am addicted!!
It depends on how he's going about doing it ... if he were taking say ... .mp3 movie clips of porn and watching them as physical files, then yup - he could just take a USB flash memory key (I'd recommend one disguised as another object, like a pen drive or similar), and watch them on that ...

... if they were ever to find the history list on his copy of Windows Media Player or similar, they wouldn't be able to find the original files as the device they were being played off wouldn't still be available as a drive, so trying to resurrect the file would just bring about an error message for the IT bod/s in question. Unless he left the key in the USB port of course :eek:.

... perhaps I misunderstood his message, but I assumed he was using his office's internet connection to stream the movies or clips off the internet via a site like xtube or pornotube or something like that ...

... either way it's a dangerous pastime ... but it did make me chuckle bless him.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
To be honest, porn gets boring and repetitive after a while.
I think you need to get out a bit and socialise and go on a few dates ...
Hugo Boss Wrote:To be honest, porn gets boring and repetitive after a while.
I think you need to get out a bit and socialise and go on a few dates ...

agreed! and also I would never do something like that lol too risky and for what it's worth, no tar.
Unless of course the thrill of potentially being caught factors-into his thoughts on the matter ...

Some people do risky things because the rush they get from almost being caught adds to the thrill ...

... of course nothing can add to the SHAME and upset if you DO get caught Rolleyes.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!
ooooh yeah, i've heard about that, the risk makes it more interesting.... my mates had sex whilst i was in the room asleep, but apperantly the fact that I could wake up at any minute made it more... worth while!?
You've obviously found a way you think you can do this safely.

I'm self-employed and thankfully don't have anyone else working for me. If I did I think I'd feel a bit irritated that the person to whom I was giving my hard-earned money, and who I'd entrusted to do a particular job, was abusing my trust so flagrantly.

I sincerely hope you can find another way (or at least another time and place) of getting your jollies Cry In the meantime, you may find it helpful to change some of your work routines so you aren't enslaved by your daytime habits. I realise that's not going to be easy, but good luck.

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