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Heroes finale?
I know most of you have long seen the Heroes finale ( i.e. if you watch the show) but it's only going to be shown tomorrow & I can't wait!My question is,is it a climatic,satisfactory exercise or is it a boring dud?IMO,the episode "Company Man" is the best episode so far & I always compare others to it.
Yay! I ve seen the last episode of the first series yesterday!

Thank goodness i approve what happened to Siler. Not saying what i dont want to spoil it for anyone who hasnt seen it but it was good. Will say though that Siler was my least favorite ,not because he was the evil character of them all but because of lines such us "You coward , dont have the guts to kill me . you stupid" and "Ha! now is the part where you start running"

Cant wait for the second series but will take time i guessCry

Has anyone watched the second series yet?

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I found the finale had quite a big build up but the end disappointing.. I was expecting bigger? :frown:
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