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Hi guys, obviously I'm new here... Smile My name's Snowfall.

I'm really excited about getting to know this community. It seems really large, but at the same time really personal!

I'm a bisexual young woman, currently in a straight relationship. My boyfriend is insecure about this part of me (the part that likes girls... lol), and I'm just looking for a place where I can share and talk without worrying about anything. This seems like a great place to do that Smile
tidings from the united states. snowfall is the name of one of my favorite musical pieces
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Hey welcome to the site! This is a great place to talk without worrying have a great time here!
Hi and welcome to GS! Confusedmile:
[COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"]Deep wells must be dug
If you want clear water
Rose-red oh Rose-red
deep waters don’t run still

~ Rammstein - Rosenrot[/COLOR]

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. ~ Jonas Salk

You don't shine by putting out someone else's light.
this is my new home...welcome
Welcome snowfall. I have only been here acouple of months myself, but the guys and gals here have made me feel so welcome, now I am just one of them. I love it here, and I am sure you will too
Welcome to the site ^_^ I hope you have a great time here Smile
welcome to the site.

i am gay but the ladies are more prone to bi seems.
Hi Snowfall...nice to meet you! I'm female so whether it's a male or female you're looking to chat to, I'm here if ever you'd like to chat as I too am new to the Community and looking forward to getting to know everyone. Hope to speak soon. Wink
Hi snowfall, welcome along Confusedmile:

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