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Hey Guys, Fresh to California.
Hey there,

Just wanted to say hey.

My name is Elvis, I restore old Volkswagens, I love adventure, and I'm 100% new to California.

Moved to Napa, California from Tallahassee, Florida in my Vw bug, two weeks ago.

Since my move, I traveled up to Eureka, then over to Oregon, and back again.

I just got out of a problematic (College, different states) relationship this week, two weeks shy of our 3 year anniversary. Sad

I think I may have scored a job at Starbucks too! Smile

Other than that, I listen to Ratatat, sublime, and Job For A Cowboy, ect. And I'm a tall dude, lumberjack build, for those who care.

When I get off this Droid, ill upload an avatar, post pics, and all the bells and whistles.

I've never been part of any gay online community, but I thought id give it a try.
Wow that's a whole lot of adventure Elvis

Welcome to GS
Elvis Ray Wrote:I think I may have scored a job at Starbucks too! Smile

That's my dream job! LOL
I love the smell of coffee so working in a coffee shop would be a dream come true for me!

Welcome to the forum!
Welcome to Gs

you have a good taste in music :]
Welcome to the board Elvis Ray Wink How did you like Eureka? I tripped thru there /Humboldt a couple tears back... Born and raised about an hour & a half north of Lala land (LA)... but much more fond of NorCal.

Hope your job works out!

Oh yeah, my first real car was a 67 Bug Wink

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Hey hey Elvis! Welcome to the forum! Were you named after the obviously famous musician? Tongue
Hello. Welcome. Hope you enjoy it here. Good luck with the job hunting.
Hello Elvis Ray and Welcome to GaySpeak. We hope you'll like it enough here to tell us about your adventures and restoring VW bugs... There was a spate of Ladybug films when I was younger; are they still popular?
Hi Elvis and welcome to GS.
Welcome Elvis! Napa is a pretty cool place. I think you're gonna love it!

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