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Hey Im Danny
Hey im danny, 16 and just in the closet.
I know this is bad but im like a virgin ;$

Ive gave oral to one of my dads friends LOL - iknow bad.

But yeah, just want some fun with the older guys, so yeah. HEY Smile
Hi Danny! Welcome to GS! Pepsi
hello danny im mike nice to meet youConfusedmile:
Hey Danny

it's ok to be a virgin. Be careful with older guys...u can get them into trouble and they should know better than to mess with you. Do you nothave anyone closer to ur age you can hang with?
Hey man, Im 20 and still a virgin. Personal preference for me so I would say its not a big deal. I would also caution the older men, it can get really sticky for obvious reasons.
Welcome Danny, and I echo the nothing wrong with being a virgin thing. You've done more at your age then I did in my teens / at that age. Nothing wrong with liking someone older either if that's your preference but be careful they don't pressure you or take advantage of you. It can be a dangerous world out there and the best is always when you care about someone. Good luck and enjoy the site.

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