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Hey Kids!
Hey guys, just thought I would make an intro post. I am from AZ, 26 years old love the Tampa Bay Buc's (as you can tell by my name). I am a huge Football fan, I like Formula 1, UFC and lifting weights (who doesn't?).

I was in a 6 year relationship with a girl who I loved and still do. I'm not sure where I stand as far as sexual orientation is concerned. I have never been with another man and I am a bit curious, I suppose.

Anything else you want to know ask me. I'm bored anyway!
SavedGay Wrote:Okay, why the heck would you be a Bucs fan when you have the Cardinals right there in AZ? Personally, I'm a Rams fan and always hoping (sniff). I dont like the Cardinals since they moved out west but if the Rams cant do it I hope the Bears will. Hope springs eternal. Oh, BTW, welcome dude.

When I was 6 I went to a Cardinals game with my old man and I brought my entire box of football cards. I went 2 hours early to get autographs. I go up to the Cardinals to get some autographs and they don't even acknowledge me so my Dad says "let's go try the other team", who was the Buccaneers. I go over there and before I can even get my box of cards open Vinny Testaverde (who was the QB for the Buc's at the time, this was in 1990-1991 season) came up and signed two of his cards for me. From that point on I have loved the Buc's. Oh and they kicked the Card's ass that day too.

The Ram's schedule is a bit iffy but who knows.

Rams - 14
Ravens - 24

: \
hi. i understand where you are at perhaps. i am recently coming out, i just moved to Phoenix recently, and have jumped into the lifestyle, there is a bit of a learning curve but its a lot of fun. i had questioned myself for a long time, and i had to be absolutely sure before i came out, but now that i have i feel better about myself than i have in my entire life. it becomes very natural. just go out and explore, trying new things will help broaden your horizons, and open your mind to new things. idk.
Hi BucsFanRyan, I hope you have a lovely time on Gayspeak.
Welcome to the forumcenjoy your time here Confusedmile:
Welcome to gayspeak. Confusedmile:
Hello and welcome Smile
Hello and welcome to gay speak
Hope you like it here! Smile
yo much love to have you here. i aint no football fan but i love me some ufc although i do play madden 2002 on my ps1 straight up


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