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Hey There!
Hello everyone on GaySpeak! My name is James777 or just James. Yes, that's my real name. LOL I am from the Philly area in Pennsylvania, USA. I am looming forward to meeting new people and making friends. See you around!:biggrin:
Welcome to GS, James! Confusedmile:
Hiya James welcome to the forum.

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Kaiora. Welcome to GS I hope you enjoy the forum n.n
Hello James, make your self at home.
[Image: welgs1.gif]
Welcome! Wavey
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Hey There, Hi There, Ho There.... We're as happy as can be....

Wavey Xyxwave :tongue:
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]

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