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Hey everyone : )
Hey guys

I am a new member of this forum : )
I am 32 and I am from Iran, thats why I am kinda conservative. I would love to have a real profile photo but the fear of getting hanged or stoned doesnt let me : |

TBH I dont know where to upload a photo Smile))

Anyway a little more abt me.
I am an introvert person who cant live without listening to music and speding time without his cats <3
My hobbies are playing video games, painting and reading books. I also enjoy watching anime thats why I am studying Japanese now <3
I had a relationship for 8 years and this is my 9th year of being single ...

The reason that I joined you is to find friends and get advice. My dream is to leave my country and live like a free man! No more lies and no more disguise!

Cant wait to make some friends since I have no gay friends in real life : )

Hey welcome to the site, some other guys on here should be able to help. Hope you enjoy your stay.
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Hi welcome to GS Smile
An eye for an eye
Welcome to GS! Elefant

I'm sorry that your situation is so difficult. Those of us who can express ourselves openly sometimes don't realize how truly fortunate we are.

Glad you're here!
Welcome to GSSmile
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