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Hey guys and girls
i don't know how appropriate this question is, so please don't get mad, friends. haha
but it is the "chit chat" section so here it goes.
so im looking for vintage Pokemon toys/items. specifically Pokemon stuff made from 1995- early 2000's, like 2009 probably the oldest id go. but anyway im looking for a Pokemon lot of stuff. id like to trade a pair of white studio beats by dre headphones in excellent condition.
if you know of somewhere i could go where i could trade my headphones or someone here is interested? could you let me know? oh and i prefere not going on criagslist, its kinda creepy imo. lol
im a huge pokemon fan/collector and im trying to find the stuff from my childhood and stuff i never got as a child. i pretty much only got pokemon cards and a plushie so i wanna widen my collection Big Grin
The only thing I can think of is Ebay or other online auctions. I know those would be tough at 17, but, that's all I can think of.
If I were looking I'd try a store that sells comics & games (NOT a department store). If they don't carry such things (and can't order them) I bet they'd know where to find them.

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