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Heya ^.=.^
KentHollow Wrote:wow , u 29 and u already a chef , awsome Big Grin

I would be if I could get work.
Welcome to the forums dude Smile
[Image: 20c62a6f57503c8c9ad8f289b603d0d4fd37b8e2_hq.gif]
Hiya Timber!!!! Welcome to GS!!! I like your name, it makes me think of lumberjacks and ruggedness. Or, in a humorous sense, the lumberjack song from Monty Python. :biggrin: Anyways, thought i'd try to get a laugh out of you. I hope you like it here. Feel free to chat anytime.
hello and welcome timber,
u wont be lonley ere mate as we are a fab foruym with open minds n hearts

kindest regards

zeon x

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