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HelloWelcome to the sight Woolfe Group
welcome to the forums babes its cool getting newbvies in i was one once upon a time until i posted a post and then i became an oobe
LOL Cheers for all the shouts back guys, seems like a rawkin place, looks like the kinda place I could get used to. XD

I apologise in advance for any sarcy comments that could sometimes be taken offensively, btw, assured it's only ever in jest - like to prewarn ya so nobody takes a huff and doesn't talk to me for the next 20 years or something (dontcha hate when THAT happens?)

Lolz anyways, will be wandering about the threads, so be good chatting to ya.

Oh btw, sorry for pwning the riddle thread earlier :tongue:

Haha speak soon guys.

Ky xxx

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