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Hi I'm a single gay teen. I've only recently accepted my orientation and I thought this would be a good forum to work through any issues related to being gay as well as getting answers to my questions. Hope I have a good time!!:biggrin:
welcome to GS Xyxwave this is a great place to get advice and have some fun.
Welcome to the forums Veritas! Confusedmile:

There's a lot of friendly people here who would be more than happy to offer advice and answer any questions you may have. Make yourself at home and I hope to see you around the site Confusedmile:
G Day and welcome to gayspeak, Great place for you to find some answers because guaranteed, someone here has been where you are now Wink
Hello And Welcome Veritas
Welcome! Wavey
Still wondering what I'll be when I grow up.
Hello and welcome.....Confusedmile:
Hi Welcome to the forum. Confusedmile:
Hi Veritas, you came to the right place. Plenty of truth to be found around here. Maybe some truthiness too, if that's your bag.
Hello and Welcome

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