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Graphics?? sweeeeeeeet, you made anything I good I can see, perhaps even steal a few Ideas for my own works Tongue and welcome to the site!
Hi and welcome to GS.
Welcome! Someone around my age who likes photography? Yay! My friends all think it's an old people thing. =\
I'm sorry I will only Welcome the SNOW when the time comes, which is soon, if my astronomical watch is right... Anyway, welcome to the boards...
joshyboi Wrote:Welcome to GS
Do you like system of a down?
I do I'm a big metal head myself! (and yet a am very fem)

soad was one of the first metal bands i listend to
great band

and for graphics my best sig would be this

and best large art

thanks for the warm welcome guys Smile
wow, I really like the LP Tongue
Hey Snow! I noticed ya joined 3 days ago. I just haven't gotten around to welcoming you. Well, welcome to GS! I've seen some of your posts and I know I'll be reading more from you in the near future.
[SIZE=2]I seem to be late a lot with these welcomes as of late.:redface:
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so

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