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Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm starting to embrace my gayness a lot more these days, and I thought joining a forum and talking to other gay people would help me branch out and actually have a place in the gay world.

You'll probably find me posting mostly in the advice section because lord knows I need some help!

Oh, and no I'm not Portuguese even though I may look it Smile My screen name is a reference to the amazing band Portugal. The Man.
Welcome! :biggrin: I came with the same intention as you and i'm really satisfied
Hey man, Welcome to GS

Oh wait.....NOT portugese!
Hi there! I haven't been here that long either, but it's a pretty cool place IMO. Confusedmile:
m4rc Wrote:cumprimentos.

Oh wait.....NOT portugese!

hehe. Eu falo um pouco de portugues Wink
im new here to! cool to meetcha!
portugal_the_man Wrote:hehe. Eu falo um pouco de portugues Wink

Ooo I don't speak a word of portugese. Well, actually I do speak one word - "cumprimentos".

It's because I'm cultured.Monalisa

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