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I am obviously new here, and not too sure why I am here. I am married, have a couple of great kids... but. I keep getting turned on by the thought of shagging a bloke. I dont think I could receive anything but the thought of doing a guy up the ass is just wild.

I also get turned on by the thought of sucking a guys cock and having mine sucked too.

Is this wrong ? I dont know.!!!

Bit confused.
Welcome to the forum! The feelings you're having are not really right or wrong, they just are. However, the question is whether you should be thinking of cheating. For me, once someones committed then thats it until they become single again.

The feelings you're having are normal and should be allowed to thrive were you in a situation to do so.

But anyway - welcome to the forum again Smile

Maybe someone else has better advice...
I dont think there is any right or wrong, its just up to me whether I want to satisfy my curiosity and then live with the guilt.

hello and welcome. no it's not wrong. just go with the flow and listen to your heart....and other body parts too!yer left elbow can give you great advice! lol...
Welcome to the forum.

There are many gay / bi men out there who are married with kids. You need to think what's more important - satisfying your curiosity (thus working out one way or another if its something you really like), or keeping an open and honest marriage - which is something really only you can answer.

Good luck and hope ya stick around Smile

I think I am getting Michael Barrymore Syndrome.

Strange, as I dont feel curious today for some reason.
Welcome “Mr Chopsy”!

If we consider sexuality sort of abstract – we can be anywhere between 100% straight and 100% gay then it’s not too unusual that you feel the way you do. Furthermore, given the choice to have sex with a beautiful women and a man with leprosy – I’d pick the woman although I consider myself pretty near the gay side of the ol’ sexuality spectrum. I guess what I’m trying to say is “satisfying your curiosity” by having sex with another man will have the same impact on your marriage than if you were to have sex with another women.

Would you have sex with another woman and be alright with that? If yes then go and find yourself a guy – if not then maybe you shouldn’t bother.

This is presuming, of course, that you want to remain married. If that’s no longer your cup of tea then go and do whatever you damn well please.

These ramblings are just my opinion – and may be of dubious merit.



PS. No offence to anyone with leprosy – nothing personal; it just doesn’t do it for me.

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