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Hi. Australian guy here.
Hi. Just signed up to this forum. I'm a masculine gay guy from Australia and been partnered now for 10 years. Looking to reconnect a bit more with the gay community at large and looking to participating in discussions and hopefully make a few gay friends from around the world. Smile
Hi and Welcome Confusedmile:
Hello (Italian) Mouse, and Welcome to GaySpeak. We hope to be able to enjoy your engaging in discussions on these boards. Is Wollongong far from Sydney?
Hi, welcome to the forum Confusedmile:
Hi there! welcome. is it true that gay marriage is gonna be legalize in `Australia?
Gabbyboy Wrote:Hi there! welcome. is it true that gay marriage is gonna be legalize in `Australia?

Nah! Not in the near future anyway. The major political parties find that issue too hot to touch still. At best we can register our relationship with the state governments that entitles us to similar rights as married hetero couples. Rights such as property rights, superannuation, hospital access (to see extremely sick lived ones) & Defacto laws. We don't get the same rights in taxation as a married hetero couple would.
thank you for answering my question. Smile oh thats too bad, i hope it gets approve soon..
Welcome to the site! Great that you've been together with your partner for so long as well Smile
Hi Toppo welome. Hope you don't have the snow like NZ Confusedmile:
Hello. Welcome Smile

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