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Hi. Australian guy here.
Welcome to the forum, we have a diverse community here and hope you can contribute. Confusedmile:
Oi! Another Aussie! Hi and welcome, mate!
G Day Toppo, welcome to GaySpeak. I grew up in Engadine (Yes yes, i'm a shire boy), just north of the Gong, but now live on the Gold Coast.

@Princealbert...Wollongong (The Gong for short) is just over an hour drive south of Sydney. One if its features is the Royal National Park on it's northern border, and the major port, Port Kembla in it's south, and there are some beautiful coastal roads with some breath-taking views of the ocean and the mountains.
welcome to the forums
Thanks, dfiant, I needed that information... Never been to Australia.
More than welcome Prince ;-)

The trip would be worth your while if you ever come 'Down Under' ;-)
Welcome! Confusedmile:
Welcome to the forums. Confusedmile:
Thanks, dfiant.
I think Marshlander and I will think about it. We've also got family in New Zealand to go and visit... When we finally get some money by. lol... It might have to remain a dream. Rolleyes

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