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Hi :D
I'm a gay kid of the age of sixteen and have not come out to my parents what should I do?
Well I can't give advice because i too haven't come out yet. But every situation is different. I know that if i came out my life would be so much happier, I just can't do it yet. Do what you feel is right when the time is right.
Well, welcome! But, what you should do is just tell them when you feel the moment is right. Don't rush into things. If you aren't feeling comfortable telling them now, that's okay. You're just 16.
hi kid. how do your parents feel about the gay?
that should dictate how and when you tell them, if at all.
how would they react do you think?
If you dont feel the time is right then dont do it. The right time will come up. I know youve probably heard this a thousand times, but thats how i came out to my friends. We were up one night having drinks and playing games and they told me they would support me no matter what. I believed them and so i told them i was bi. There was a lot of hugs and normal conversation after that. They accepted me. Youre only 16. You have plenty of time.
G Day West, and welcome to gayspeak.

Coming out is a very personal thing and everyone is different, but the best bit of advice I could give you is trust your own instincts. You know the people around, fair chance you'll know how some if not most of them would react.

There is no need to rush the process, as more often than not it will just happen. So if you are happy with life as it is, then just plod along as you are and wait for the opportunity.

Most people who have come out will tell you that their mother usually suspected anyway, not always the case, but more often then not it is.
Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the site, I'm new too talk to me if you want.
hello and welcome to gayspeak west.

Im older then you and I still havent come out to my parents but theres a reason for it. they are homophobic and havent had the "right" time to tell them yet either. I would say tell your best friend first and then go on and tell your really close friends. I think that would be a good start right there.

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