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Hi Everone
Hi people,

New to the forum, just popped in to say hello! From South Wales in the UK and stumbled on the forum earlier. it looks fun and so I decided to join.Confusedmile:
Hey welcome to the forums, I hope you have a good time : ) it is fun here! Take a look for yourself!
hi welcome
[Image: welcome_mat.jpg]
Hi!!!! And welcome to this lovely forum. I'm Michelle or camodetective, whichever. I'm new-ish myself. I hail from Indiana myself. Glad to have you aboard. Feel free to message me or add me as a friend anytime.
G Day Michelle, welcome to GaySpeak. I'm orginally from New South Wales Smile Now living in Queensland
Welcome to the Forums!
Welcome! Wavey
Hello mdna and Welcome to GaySpeak. It's a pleasure to have one more Welshman aboard... It take it you are Welsh, right??? You don't have to be, though, to be part of this forum, haha... So what's your story of being gay?

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