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Hi Everybody!
Hey everybody, im just here to introduce myself. I have questions to ask, that will be posted soon (lol) but, i wanted to tell a little bit about me.

I knew that when i was about 11 years old, that i was a little different. I was noticing that i was not only interested in girls, but also boys. Needless to say i became friends with another guy around my age (11) and we experimented a little, but nothing that involved sex itself. It never really took off from there, i think it was because both of us were kind of scared to advance it further, by the time we stopped hanging out i was about 13 years old. A lot of times when i fantasize about sex, its mostly with other men, and i picture myself being the bottom. However i do also fantasize about being with a woman too. So yeah, thats a little bit about me, glad to be here, and thanks everybody!
wecom to the gs hope you find it helpful and we can help you with what ever you may need
so play and read and havefun
Welcome to GS, gbwdl! Confusedmile:
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Hi and welcome to GS. Confusedmile:
G day and welcome to GS
Hi, welcome to the forum Confusedmile:
hello and welcome to gayspeak,

Hope ya enjoy ya time here so grab a chair and sit on it and join in the chatsSmile

kindest regaRDS

Welcome to the forum...

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Hi there! Welcome! Xyxwave
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welcome to gayspeak

I myself saw myself as being different at an early age (6) but didnt understand what it was til I was older and understood it and why.

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