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Hi Everyone...
Hi Everyone,
I'm Ichal from Bali. i join here to make a friend or maybe more. I'm friendly and love to chat. You can add my fb account too (send me message). Hope we can make friend.
hello and welcome to the forums,
I hope you enjoy your timne here...

Kindest regards

zeon x
welcome to gs
Welcome to the forums Confusedmile:
Welcome to GaySpeak, Ichal. I am Michelle aka camodetecive. You're bound to make friends on this forum, because there is quite a good bunch of friendly people here. You're more than welcome to befriend me anytime. Just drop a line. :biggrin:
welcome to gs n.n
welcome to GS! Confusedmile:
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If you want clear water
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Welcome! Wavey
Hi Ichal and welcome to the forum...

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Hi, Welcome. I do want to make fds with people who has the same sexual orientation like you guys, coz I don't have one......

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