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Hi From Happy Valley / Clackamas Oregon USA
Hello Everyone,
I'm 44 and I live with my partner in Happy Valley / Clackamas Oregon USA
I searched out this site in the hopes of finding a good discussion board mainly on losing wieght and getting support in helping to keep my New Year's resolution to lose at least 20 lbs by the end of 2011. My goal weight is to be around 180 to 185 by the end of the year and I wanted to join a group to help me (and my partner Chris) to keep focused and not get discouraged.

Also to meet some new friends in the UK (England, Ireland, Scotland, etc.) I'm really big into my family Genealogy and have roots in Germany, England and Ireland and hope to connect with some good guys that may also help me learn more about their countries and maybe some help with some genealogy. I love music, making quilts, practicing playing my guitar, hiking, swimming and anything outdoors. Well, that's enough for now....hope to chat with some of you soon.

welcome to the forums
Welcome to the Gs community of friends

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