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Hi Guys...Please share how you disclosed your sexual orientation to your parents
Guys please can you share how you disclosed to your friends and family about your sexual orientation.
I just don't how to tell my parents my sexual orientation. This is because have just met a partner at a gay dating site and I really want the relationship to be public.
Please i need your advice guys...
Thanks in advance
I started not to hide it very well, my brother figured it out on his own, and then he told my parents.
When a subject is highly controversial — and any question about sex is that — one cannot hope to tell the truth. One can only show how one came to hold whatever opinion one does hold. One can only give one's audience the chance of drawing their own conclusions as they observe the limitations, the prejudices, the idiosyncrasies of the speaker.
- Virginia Woolf
Are you scared of their reactions? Or not? In this day and age, most parents will have figured out their children's sexual orientation. You could, if mum invites you home for Sunday lunch, say: can I bring my boyfriend? That would do it... or you could invite both your parents out or to your house for a meal (do you cook???) in order to introduce them to your boyfriend.
If you have brothers and sisters, you could just see how they introduced their partner to your parents. We ought not to have to do it any differently. The only thing to remember is, of course, to leave them time to adjust to the idea. So maybe you'd like to tell them beforehand and not 'rub their nose in it'??? It really does depend on how your parents have brought you up to view gay men...
I haven't officially told my mom (Dad isn't in the picture), although I'm 99% she knows. Unfortunately, she has in her own unique, closed, and bigoted mind - told me to not tell her. I'm in my late 20s and I still regret not coming out when I was in high school. It would have been tough, but I could have ended up living my life the way I wanted right out of the gate.

Good luck! Cool
Try to start giving them clues. For instance, I started voicing my opinion on certain social issues. I didn't ask for their opinion, I stated mine so they knew where I stood. I'm not up on UK issues, but I thought maybe something you could mention would be that kiss-in at that London pub? It was a while ago, but that would be an example of something you could bring up in conversation.

The other thing is maybe when you are leaving to go on a date, mention your bf's name as who you are hanging out with.

You'll kind of know when you're ready to have a conversation. There are a lot of threads here, this one in particular was really helpful or at least spoke to me: Coming out some more.

I found reading a lot just mentally prepares me. You can then even write out what you want to say. Try to anticipate questions and work up your responses. I know some people prefer letters, it's all about what you feel most comfortable with.

Remember to be careful with your emotions, because you'll want to set the tone and keep it respectful to you and them. Also, they might need time to think about things and come to an understanding/acceptance.

And remember, it goes down like nothing you planned. :tongue:
Best wishes!
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If you want clear water
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deep waters don’t run still

~ Rammstein - Rosenrot[/COLOR]

Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. ~ Jonas Salk

You don't shine by putting out someone else's light.
Azulai put it all very well. Go with what he says!
I didn't tell mine, but my Dad asked me if I were gay. Mum and I never discussed it. I regret that, but when she was still alive I was not in a position where I could talk about it at all.

As far as friends were concerned, living in a rural area a walk round the block was called for. I had a choice, either the two-mile block or the six-mile block. Some conversations needed the full six miles.

One man I knew never told his mother either. He invited his sister over and let her wander round the new house on her own, so she could draw her own conclusions from the only room with a bed in it.
My mom asked me if I was a homosexual because someone said something to my father that I was one and I was already out to my friends. After that a few weeks I told her and well she got emotional, stayed with a friend for a week after that and well after that week, we're the same. Shes fine with it I guess but still was eh not too bad but not good.
My family knew I was gay from an early age. I do remember having a same sex attraction as early as the age of 5. I was gay baby I suppose. :p
During my late teens my brother-in-law used to drop me hints and asked me if I was still a virgin.
I acknowledged being gay to my family by inviting my 1st BF one year for the family Xmas dinner.
It was difficult, but I was just sat there with them outside in the garden having a drink at home... we always have these boring family chats where we mill things over.

I'd just got back from visiting my first ever long-distance boyfriend, and so much had happened in my life I couldn't really keep it in anymore. I took a few deep breaths, then came the old "I've got something to tell you..."

heh, at least it was a nice day and seemed like a good time to do it :tongue:

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