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Hi! Im New...
Hiya, Im new!

Aussie from Melb, Vic... Hope to be able to chat with some people [email protected]!!

ATM it seems that when im on everyone else is sleeping... re the time difference! NEways... I tried to upload a pic to introduce myself properly, but i donno if it worked... So if not, try

x till later all xxx
Hey, Welcome to the site. The pic did work but I had already went to your myspace page a viewed it earlier today. If you need someone to talk to I check the site about 10-15 times a day. Also, you can check out my myspace page via clicking my name. The address is on my profile. Guess I will talk to you later along with everyone else that is alive :biggrin:
a chat'd be good! Im pretty bored... Thus why im on ere...

does anyone use the live chat?

That is actually a good question.. Does anyone use it?

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