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Hi all!
I'm a grad student in Colorado who's relatively new to embracing his sexuality. I started coming out just a year ago (hence the username). I'm glad I stumbled upon this site - hopefully this leads to good things Confusedmile:
Lq (laughing quietly) Welcome latecomer! I hope this leads to great things for you as well. I know you will enjoy it! May I ask why a latecomer would feel comfortable in an open relationship?
Well a lot has happened in the past year . . . including an ongoing relationship that was exclusive for 6 months, until we mutually decided to try new things. Count me lucky I guess.
Welcome to the forum!
I hope you enjoy it here.

I'm actually pretty envious of people in open relationships, I hope I can get into one someday. Rolleyes
Welcome to Gayspeak
Hello. Welcome, latecomer. Smile

(Heisenberg, has anyone ever told you your avatar is really disturbing?)
Welcome to GS Smile
Welcome to GS, have fun and be safe xxx
Hi and welcome to GS.
Welcome to Gs

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