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Hi everybody!
Hello! I'm a second year pharmacy student living in Aberdeen, Scotland. I'm looking to make friends on here as I currently have no gay friends D: And the only people I don't feel uncomfortable talking about my sexuality with are my 2 best friends (<3 them!)

If you want to chat to me, don't be shy! I'll talk back Big Grin
Welcome to the site! I use this site to talk and express myself because i dont have many people to talk to.
Hello and welcome Smile
Nice welcome there! I know how you feel, sleep Sad Hopefully that will change one day
Welcome to GaySpeak Wink
Welcome to GaySpeak!!!!
Hi and welcome!!
Hello welcome to the forum!
Welcome to Gayspeak faceslikemine. Confusedmile:
For me im always shy its what i do best.
Oh I see you're from Devon! I have family in Plymouth (<3 that city Big Grin ) Although I actually grew up in Falmouth! It's good to see another south-westerner Smile

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