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Hi everybody! (:
Hi everyone, my name is Adam, I'm a 16 year old gay guy, and I'm kind of new to forums haha (: I'm really into music, both old and new, and I play the guitar and trumpet. I thought I would join because as a consequence of living in Texas, I only know 1 other openly gay guy, and I'd really like to meet more (: well, that's me, I look forward to meeting all of you as well (:
Hey Adam.

wait 'til you graduate. My graduating class there was 2 guys who were out when we walked across the stage. 5 years later i found out i graduated with 15+ LGBT's haha.
G Day Adam and welcome to the forums. I hope you'll enjoy it here Wink
Don't forget to meditate often.
It's healthy.
Welcome to the forum Adam.

[SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"]Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

Oscar Wilde[/COLOR][/SIZE]
Welcome! I am also from Texas. Trust me, there are plenty of gay guys lol.
welcome to gs
Well with you still being in High School I'm sure that most of them are still in the closet sort of speak. But being from Houston I'm sure that you will find plenty soon. Welcome to GS
Welcome to the forum Adam i hope you have a great time here.
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