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Hi guys
I'm new here, I heard about this website from a friend of mine.
I'm a 24 year old lesbian, from what I can see, there isn't a lot of those in here.
I started living May 24th, 2007. That's when I acknowledged that I was a lesbian, and after that I never really hid it from anybody. I don't tell people that I'm a lesbian, but if I'm asked, I just say that I am.

My parents aren't happy about it, but accept it.
I'm sensitive and shy, but when I get comfortable, I tend to get crazy. I really like humour in every form possible. I can see humour about almost everything, and use it a lot.

I'm quite a tom-boy and have been since I was born, but I still have some feminine characteristics and looks.

Well, I'm not really good at these things. I'm gonna let that do for now.
Welome Ingz! You're one of the very few lesbians on here. Actually there's not too many females on here. It's good to see a lesbian here. You're from Iceland too. You're the first Icelandic person I've come across on this forum. Well I hope ya like it here!
Thanks. Smile
Ingz, you're here!

Sorry about the sausage fest in here. I hadn't really done my research on the male/female ration on this site before referring it to you. I wish there were more fish for you to swim with here, but regardless, there's a lot of cool people to relate to and connect with so make the most of it! I know you will.
Hi man, no sweat. I don't think it will matter. Smile
Hi Ingz, welcome from the uk, think we got your weather here at the moment as its nice and cold..not too many women on here but dont let that put u off, we love to chat about anything and everything here
hehe yeah, you do, my best friend moved to a month ago London, so I know. Smile
Yeah, actually, most of my friends are gay men.
could do with more gay friends where i live, seem to know quit a few lesbians though ... i once worked in the stores of a large sewing factory full of women so nothing much was left to the imagination at the christmas partys, had a great time workin there Smile
Hello, Ingz and welcome. We have had a few women on here over the years, but most of them don't seem to stay very long. I hope you can cope with all of us for a while.

I'm sorry that your parents don't like your orientation. After Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir it seems strange that it is still an issue.[url=][/url]
Yeah, it's not really in issue here, hardly anybody cares. My parents just think too much about what other people might possibly think of them.

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