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Hi guys!
have you ever shown support for her activies before ?
ifnot try to be more sspportive and she will notice and she will probaly ask you why the change in addatude and you canexplain that you have done a bit of sole searching and come to realize who you really are but if you dont respond the same way to jokes and persapate in actions against the gays you will out yourself and if you do you will probaly
lose her respect so double edged sord you are walking along the blade of but yea and always nice to talk to people that feel as you do and not to have to hide your real feelings
because if not out aleast open and thats the first step
G Day Alexh27 and welcome to GaySpeak. Why don't you just ask if you can tag along with your friend at the next GLBT meeting she goes to and take it from there. Chances are she may already know anyway Wink
welcome m8 - when the time is right then tell your bi friend,,, you will feel so much relief that someone else knows too ,, all the best and enjoy the GS forum
Just a big welcome to the forum..

Be honest to her and yourself..
I recently just came out to my friends im sharing an apartment with. They have no problem with it at all. Just take your time. You'll know when the time is right to let everyone know. It doesnt really matter what others think any way as long as you are happy.
Hi and welcome to the group.
Hi! Welcome to GSConfusedmile:

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