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Hi hello hey!
Hello, i made this account as my birthday was about a week ago, and as I am now 18 I've been getting really intrested in looking through all these sites and really looking for new friends and such. Anyway, I'm a huge music guy, any time an artist is talked about in music groups with cult followings or just in general i try to listen to some of their stuff and I'm almost always listening to music when i can Smile
I've also been getting back into video games on my old ps4 as i kinda just stopped and was always on my phone but now I've been switching between persona 5, yakuza 0, and the superhero south park game fractured but whole. That's story wise anyway, I also finally set up my microsoft account if anyone was a cool minecraft realm or something i could play on. 
Errr, but yeah since I just turned 18 I'm still with my mom but looking for some roomates i could move in with for when i graduate highschool next year (I didn't get held back  Angry  just started late). so anyway, feel free to message me about anything and everything friends Big Grin
Evening, welcome to GS - I hope you enjoy it here. Very open and very supportive. Nice space on the internet to let out your thoughts.
Welcome to GaySpeak!
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!
I'm new, here, too - welcome aboard!  This place is kinda fun! Smile
Beautifully (and erotically) dressed always beats undressed!
(03-11-2022, 10:52 PM)CellarDweller Wrote: Welcome to GaySpeak!
Hellen Keller cellar dweller basement shelter smart smeller fart feller bed wetter tornado shelter >:D
@CuriosityCatCalled I love Yakuza 0! In fact, I have loved everything Yakuza I've played, I've played up to and including 4 so far Smile

Welcome to the forum. Nice to have another gamer here.
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