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Hi there!
Hi there!

Just introducing myself. My name is Tim and I'm from Australia. I'm joining these forums because I don't really have many gay friends so I'm hoping to chat to people on here about gay issues etc. and get help when I need it or give advice to others (not that I have much to give ha ha ha). Also I'm not very into the gay 'scene' as such (not that I have a problem with it, just that I don't really identify with it personally) and I'm not awfully comfortably with straight-up asking someone if they are gay so I find connecting with other gay people difficult sometimes.

As for who I am, I'm not sure how to describe myself other than 'eclectic' (some may say eccentric but I've never worried about what some say). My favourite things (in no particular order) include my dog, history, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, David Bowie, linguistics, my family, politics, teaching, pasta (although my recent move towards vegetarianism is very limiting - I went to a Peter Singer lecture this year and it's hard to come back from that), Six Feet Under, Queen, and tracksuit pants.

Anyway, nice to meet you all and I hope to get to know you better! Smile
Hi Tim welcome to the forum I hope you like it here.
An eye for an eye
hello mate - welcome to gs , I think I like most the stuff you do too = my dogs my pal , and star wars is law - bowie has class - and I love pasta , UK here and no gay friends where I live either but I do have a good network of gay friends - GS is a good place to start so hello to our little website
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
Welcome to GS fellow southerner Smile

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Welcome, Welcome to the guy from Down Under. Hope you find this site as interesting to you as it is to us, Tim. You are most welcome to ask any questions and to fill the pages of these threads with your own experience. How did you find out you were gay?

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