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Hijacked (crude)
A Swift (trucking company) driver got hijacked in a rest area. The hijacker pulled him out of his truck at gun point, made him strip and, took him to a wooded area near the parking area.

He then tied the driver's wrists and ankles together then tied his wrists to his ankles and left the driver there while he stole the truck.

A little while later, A JB Hunt driver pulls into the rest area, gets out of his truck and hears the Swift Driver screaming "Help me!" SO, old JB Hunt follows the sound to see what the screaming is about.

He sees the Swift driver out there in the woods, naked and bent over and, tied up and walks over. "Help me?" pleads the Swift driver, "I got hijacked."

Well, JB unzips his zipper and says "You're just having a bad day."

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