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Hi! My name is Yohan Andrés, or Samika.
I am an university student, and well, I found this site on internet and I will see what I find here! Smile
Eh... Well, I like read and that kind of stuff, and I like people.
Another thing... I am actually mixed race and latino, so.
I also can speak spanish and I am learning german...
I like Eurovision Song Contest, too...
I am also volunteer in the Red Cross in my hometown.
And I like to meet new people!
Hope I could get a lot of new friends.
hello welcome to GS Samika .. may you find this place a second home and get more friends from here .. Smile
Hi Samika and welcome to the world of GS!
I'm new to, and am finding the place to be friendly and relaxed so far. Smile
Hey Samika, welcome to the forum. Hope to see you around Smile
Hieeee Samika, hope you have a nice time here.
Hi Samika. Welcome to GS. We are all a family here and nice. So welcome
Thank you guys!
Hi welcome to GS Smile
An eye for an eye

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