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Hmm. I think we're getting somewhere!

a few of our predictions were correct, no? Keeping it a secret.

It's pretty obvious he's been struggling with being gay forever..he want's the straight guy's "perfect" life and none of the gay guy's discrimination..

Can't say I blame him.

But, for the most part, this is major progress right there..

If he does indeed want a family, isn't Brasil a good place to do it? I mean, you can get married since last year..

In time, and with the right experience in a gay relationship he will probably change his views..

For now, it's all about keeping the safety net of secrecy. If you're up for it, have a sit down and talk.

The first part of this is done, finding out about him, putting yourself out there.. and quie frankly that is the hardest.

I also agree of taking it slow..seems to me he was quite eager to get his hands on you for quite sometime.

I think it will be easy for the 2 of you to come to an understanding, cause you've been friends for a while.

So, sit down and get things out there. Be upfront and tell him you want to have something with him, that you're willing to go secret, but that you should take it easy.

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