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So I know I'm a teenager and my hormones are going crazy. Yet, I'm confused about my feelings. For the first 15 years of my life I was straight, had girlfriends, and had sex. One day, I saw a clip on this porn site I was watching and found myself intrigued. I wanted to find out more about intercourse with the same sex, and I was deeply aroused. Still innocent of knowledge, I asked my neighbour who is gay many questions. He had plenty of experience and we talked for ages about what it's like. Until he asked me if I want to try it. I couldn't say no, and so went round unsure of what to expect. Upstairs, we stripped and I stared for a while at it, so he lay back, and I sucked my first penis. We both enjoyed it, and were going to move to the final step, sex. I was too unsure and so didn't want to do it at the time. I went back home, and wondered why I haven't come out.

Is it because I really still like girls, and just wanted it for the experience, or am I scared of what people will think?

Anyone else been in the same situation? :confused:
Difficult to know. It could be that you are just experimenting or that you will settle as bi or gay. Some people know very early in life, others take a while longer to sort it out. Point of order ... if you have sucked a man you have already had sex.
I did not have my first man till i was 25 you are fine

Welcome to Gs
Hey and welcome to GS! That's quite interesting. I thought I was straight for many years. I finally came to terms with my sexuality at 23.
Do I admit to my friends that I've done stuff, and will it make it easier to come out? I've always kept it between the two of us.
I've generally gone by the idea that what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Boasting about one's conquests can appear so unseemly :redface: and does not incline others towards trusting you.
I'd keep it to yourself (the sexual part) but there is no reason why you shouldn't come out to your friends, if you feel so inclined. There's nothing wrong with them knowing what your sexual orientation is, because sexuality and orientation is so much more than what goes on in the bedroom. It's a propensity to be loved and love someone of your own sex that makes you gay, not necessrily what acts you do but how you feel inside, and who you'd prefer to form a partnership, fall in love, have sex with.

My only advice would be to not be in a hurry. Explore your thoughts and feelings, give yourself time to make sense of how you feel. It is often said on here (and I am one of those who say it) that labels do not matter, however we all desire a sense of belonging which is why we label ourselves.

When you reach a point that you can think to yourself 'Yeah, this is me' then you can decide what you share with who in terms of your sexuality. Confusedmile:
I think juk's got it head on. You shouldn't rush into this thought and then down the road think 'what have I done?'

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