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Holidays in Madrid
Hi everyone my name's Rick. Hope your all doing good and having a nice weekend!
My bf and I are planning to go to Madrid in June for a week.
Has anyone ever been? Any places you'd reccomend to visit?
Any advice would be much appreciated thanks Smile
Yes, I've been to Madrid several times... Well, it rather depends what sort of holiday you want.
There's a good set of museums there if you are into that kind of thing. The Prado is the national museum for classical art, then there's the Reina Sofia that deals mainly with modern painting and art. Both worth a visit.
I would recommend the Bornemisa Thyssen museum too, which has a great collection of art from the Middle Ages to modern times.
For a nice stroll in the parks, check out El Retiro,
which is near the Prado, and you could also see the old Station of Atocha to see some interesting turn of the century architecture. For gay life check out the area named Chueca,
which is near the centre. The Fiestas de Chueca are associated with the Gay Pride that takes place in June.
Madrid offers all kinds of places to eat out at the tapas bars and plenty of places for music too. You should definitely see Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor,_Madrid which is only feet away and where you will find an information desk.
Then you could also have a look at the Royal palace (Palacio Real)
which you can visit and the opera house that faces it.
Should you want to go to an outdoor market, meander through El Rastro.
By the way, you can't miss the Chocolateria and churreria San Gines which is not far from Sol or Plaza Mayor... lol

Have fun. Confusedmile:
One last thing, I hope you're not a vegetarian as that can be tricky business; Spaniards seem to put fish or seafood or meat in everything they cook. But you could still find vegetables and fruit at any market or supermarket.
Last but not least, learn a little Spanish to get by? The Airport of Barajas can be accessed cheaply by metro. Taxis are not very expensive in Madrid and will get you quite quickly from one place to another if you're tired, if not, enjoy the walks through the calles....
Hi princealbertofb
Thanks very much for the info Smile that sounds very good Smile really looking forward to it Smile
Yes I think you should have a good time Rick... Spain is quite welcoming. Confusedmile:

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