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Homosexuality Illegal in Belize
Hello Everyone,

My name is Robert and I am from Belize. I come to this site to seek online support for a cause that I hold dear. Currently under the Criminal Code of Belize, Homosexuality is illegal and can carry up to a 10 years sentence.

A brave man took the initiative and is now taking the government of Belize to court as this law is against the constitution. Needless to say the local churches have jumped on the band wagon against this and a group called Belize Action have been purposely misinforming the public of the facts.

Today marks the first day in court and ofcourse the media has taken a frenzy of the case. Currently there is a poll that is asking who is in support for the decriminalization of homosexuality.

I ask that you please take a minute of your time to vote in support of this. It will be a victory (in some sense) from all the misinformation that has been circulating. Link posted below. (Mods please forgive me I am not sure if this is allowed). Simply click scroll to the lower-mid section and the poll is right there.

http : / / edition . channel5belize . com
Also contact the Human Rights Campaign, Robert. They are worldwide, and I subscribe to their newsletter, so I'm surprised this is the first I've heard of it.

Edit: not a clever site, I was able to vote twice by clearing my cache and cookies.
Nice, we got word from the "enemy camp" that they are asking their church members to vote. Up until the past hour the poll was in favor of the case.
Again, churches prove to be little more than a tax free political pool. How disgusting.
It doesn't seem to want to let me vote. I so hope he wins, the people on that site (comments) were horrible.
Kumawool Wrote:It doesn't seem to want to let me vote. I so hope he wins, the people on that site (comments) were horrible.

One of those comments linked to NAMbLA, which is an outlier in the LGBT community. These religious freaks only learn what is necessary to create shock value.
I voted yes for sodomy
I'm in favor of dismantling all the churches in the world
Lol, I can vote as much as I want if I open an incognito window, vote, close the window, open another, and vote again...That site really is pathetic at recognizing ISP addresses.

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