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Hot Guys Breast Cancer Video
Ladies, this is in part for you due to the message...

but on a gay forum, guys, you'll get the most pleasure Wink

(I apologize if this was already posted - I've been having trouble keeping up with the forum lately due to an in increase in workload)
thats awesome, im downloading that app
Great idea for our female friends..... Love it... lol.... And the guys are definitely "Chippendale" hot. :biggrin:
Xandor Wrote:LOL I played the video. I'm in a public library and I got a dirty look from a librarian passing by! Roflmao

Maybe s/he didn't like to be reminded that we're all mortal but that something can be done about breast cancer? Times when ignorance can kill...
Xandor Wrote:Nah, she was just some stuck up old broad who doesn't know a good thing when she sees it. :biggrin:
And boy! were they good!!! And it's all tongue in cheek anyway... Just good hearty (and healthy) fun;
nice...i enjoyed!
I bet you did, cheerful man...Confusedmile:

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