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Hottie of the day
This is for all the gay/ lezbian, bi-sexual women and men out there..... a play off of "Stud of the Day"....Kiss3

I think "real" size women are B.E.A.U.tiful

[Image: whitney1.jpg]
nom nom nom!!!
I agree. Super skinny chicks usually are a bit too skinny for me. I think to myself, "Man she looks so brittle, like a guy even my size could snap her in half"

Real full sized women are perfect. I'm fine with oversized too.
Ooooh I can play this game too, Airborn....
[Image: potd-111206-438150-big.jpg]
princealbertofb Wrote:[Image: potd-111206-438150-big.jpg]

Wow she is beautiful.
<---<< >>--->

[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
[Image: curvy-fashion-full-figured-style-12761050632.jpg]
Oh, yes, I LOVE curves. Skinny women only rarely appeal to me physically (though a few do make it work for them). I really don't get how so many people think the idea of feminine beauty is looking like a little girl. Granted, looking like a little girl can be cute, but it's not sexy.

I remember Sabrina Bryan on DWTS. Working with children I was well aware of her on Disney and with the Cheetah Girls, and I thought she was really cute, but not the least bit sexy. Then, on DWTS, she had curves, feminine hips, and for the first time for me she was HOT! Yet strangely many called her "fat," despite that she was performing some amazing acrobatics in her dance routine (that is to say she was definitely in shape). Using the word "fat" like that is just turning it into another non word. What they meant to say is that she'd grown up and looked like a woman instead of a girl.
I can appreciate the aesthetic of the female form, just not the attraction. Good to have a counterpart to stud of the day. Sometimes this forum leans a bit toward gay men alone.
Inchante Wrote:Sometimes this forum leans a bit toward gay men alone.

That was the whole point of the Thread. Smile I think there are or have been a lot of women (in particular) who have signed up and never got actively involved because they felt it was more geared towards gay men. Smile

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