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How BIG is yours?
Bed that is. Im currently sleeping on a twin bed and its quite small.

How big is your bed?
Big enough to get the job done Sleeping
I inherited my parents' 3 year old bed.... and it's a KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's incredible. Don't care that my parents used to sleep in it. Smile I only get to sleep in it when I'm at home in the US, though. (like right now as I type this).
T,T a Huge Bean Bag Chair, no real bad I sleep in the 2nd living room
I have a Queen . . . but I'm sleeping in a twin at present. My room is to small to accommodate dressers, book shelves, and a queen bed.
Single bed. Thinking bout moving up to a Queen size, tho. Kind of a tight fit, got a lot of stuff squeezed in here Confusedmile:
Super King in British terms, I believe that Americans would only call ours King size.

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full size 4 poster bed sooo comphy
I sleep on a futon currently as I am saving up for a new bed. Ever since I moved out on my own, I haven't owned a real bed. The futon is about the size of twin when its uufolded.
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Single bed when I'm in the Fens. Double bed, handmade by PA's dad, when in the Alps. Not sure about kings or queens, although we did go shopping for a new mattress and tried out several in the shop :biggrin:

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