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How BIG is yours?
Marshlander has already answered the question...
That said, do you know you are supposed to change your bedding (mattress) every ten years or so for complete comfort?
i got a doublebed but only me in it no boyfrind shame
I have a double bed and I love it to bits, I share it with my Rupert the bear.:redface:
A queen size bed for me.
I am a being of pure energy, I don't need a bed.

Just hook me up to the National Grid, baby!
I never imagined you as anyone's assimilated being, Vig Wink

Happy regeneration.
I didn't know (or care) that there were so many different sizes of beds until I worked in retail and had to sell the things.

Single, Double, Three Quarter, King Size... and those are the ones I remember.
I have a Queen, no box spring, on the floor.
A twin-size. I'm thinking of getting a single bed to save up on room.

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