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How Surprised were your Parents?
Der Jack's recent announcement of coming out to his parents (btw congrats mate), got me thinking.

Did your parents already know when you came out to them? Did they suspect or was it a 'bolt from the blue'?

I'm just curious to what the truth may be. Discuss....

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#2 parents were pretty much OK with it...

This is why...

My Dad was an intellectual AND a jock...weird combination...he worked as a research scientist for NASA and also played sports everyday until he could no longer do so..then he coached...

...and he HATED prejudice of ANY KIND...period. If you made a racist joke in front of him I remember hearing him telling the guys he played basketball with that he wouldn't allow them to say crap like that around his children and afterward at the pizza parlor the guy came up and apologized to me for his ignorance (very uncomfortable moment) and he regularly told friends/neighbors/strangers that they were showing their ignorance when they made racist and homophobic remarks...this was in the 60s and 70s!

As for my mom....My Grandma's two lifelong best friends were a lesbian couple...back in the 30s they befriended my Grandma who was biracial and the three of them were best friends til they all died...they took care of me sometimes when I was young and I called them my aunts...they helped raise my mother as well so neither my mother or father had a problem with gay people.....

We had alot of other problems thoughWink being gay wasn't one of them but I had actually hoped to piss them off when I told them because I had a major rebellious stage...but no dice...they were fine with it.

Oh yes...forgot to add...neither one had a clue.
I came out when I was 30, my mother cried with relief that I stopped hiding and her first response was 'I knew when you were 12 years old, You and Mark.' who happened to be my first BF
I thnk they were guessing I was gay around when I was about 3 or younger.
Yeah, my parents knew or at least my mother did. My Mom always use to tell me stuff, like "If you ever need to tell me anything you can. I'll love you no matter what." and along those lines. It wasn't confirmed until eighth grade though. A girl that had a crush on me asked me to be her boyfriend and one of my friends, who was a mutual friend, talked me into saying yes. Also, I'm just going to add that I only had girls as friends and an occasional boy. Uhm.. Yeah, our relationship was short, it didn't last more than a day. It was really awkward for me.
So I talked to my mom about it and through a discussion I admitted that I found the male gender attractive.

My apologies for rambling, Everyone! I'm a pro at it!
My parents discovered my gay materials a few times before. They were upset. But they really took it hard with their last and final discovery. I think I was around 14 years old at the time.

My mom was crying uncontrollably. My dad was so pissed that he didn't want to talk to me for a few weeks. My bothers and I haven't spoken to each other for years. There was a time when my younger brother refused to sit on the same sofa and be in the same room with me simply because he was so disgusted with me. My sister and I still talk to each other - few words per week.

I think my parents and siblings have completely forgotten that I'm gay. My parents thought that my gayness was just a phase. My brothers and I still do not talk to each other but I think for a different reason now. It's no longer due to my sexuality. We are adults, we do our own things and have nothing in common anymore.

Yeah, my relationship with my siblings has completely shattered. But we still support each other in our own way. My sister was there when I had my surgery. I gave my younger brother a bit of money and new clothes as he has low income. My big brother gave my younger brother and I surprise allowance last year after he received a huge bonus from his boss. We still give each other birthday presents. We hand over our presents to our mom so she can pass it over.

P.S: I should mention this. No matter what happen in the future - even if my parents disown me, I will always consider them as my parents. I will continue to watch over them. They took care of me when I was in a hospital. I don't think I need to give a lengthy detail on how they took care of me but I almost had tears in my eyes.

Religion screws up my family.
My partner is my better half now so the parents would have to be told.
-every parent should know if their son or daughter is gay unless the parents are distracted with their own lives.
-opinion and general knowledge has changed so 2-5years ago if you told people your gay they would think in terms of a passing phase. now they know they can look fwd to a big gay wedding.
Well....I'm hopefully gonna find out in the next few hours.......I'll let you know
My mum said: "Did you think I was born yesterday?" when I told her. Of course, I didn't think that. But hoping she would not have a problem with it. In the end, it turned out she was essentially scared I would end up alone. Well, I'm not. Bless her. My dad knows but showed neither surprise, nor anger or anxiousness. I think he even appreciates my partner in his own way. But when I was 21 and had my one and only girlfriend he did tell her that he was happy that I "hadn't turned out to be gay". Hahaha, dad... got that one wrong too, did ya? Well, circumstances showed him and me both to be wrong on that one. But it means that he had suspected, long long ago.
KJ1989 Wrote:Well....I'm hopefully gonna find out in the next few hours.......I'll let you know

GOOD LUCK KJConfusedmile:

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