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How can people be so cruel?
A friend of mine sent me this video recently...and I was left utterly speechless by how callous and cruel humans can be to our fellow animals. This video left me in tears and I wanted to share it. We may not like being around certain species of animals (I myself am not much of a dog person) but it doesn't give us the right to torture these poor creatures senselessly. If you have a pet of your own, please show it the love, kindness and respect it deserves, I can't stress that enough. Our pets can be our best friends if we invest the energy and time into the relationship, just as we would making friends with a human. If you find yourself unable to care for your pet, for the love of all that is dear PLEASE make an effort to find it a good home with people who will love and nurture it.

There's nothing graphic in the video, but it is disturbing. Cry

Living in a house with 3 dogs I found it quite hard to watch that clip, I would never dream of doing something like that to an animal.

The so called "church" was said to act out against past members. Putting a cat in cement is not acting out against a past member, they've simply taken a domesticated animal, friendly to humans and subjected it to this abuse. The type of people doing that sort of stuff are the type of people who need professional help.
People are _______. Okay if you can't say something nice, don't say anything so, I'll say nothing.
I've been seeing to much bad stuff and not enough good lately, I think eventually humanity will end up killing itself off.
cruelty to animals includes many just don't receive the
proper care with the rationale "it's just a dog." pets have always
meant a lot to me...undying love and affection (no, not like the horse
guy). lol, i miss my cat!!!CatmilkButter
Blue Wrote:People are _______. Okay if you can't say something nice, don't say anything so, I'll say nothing.

Allow me...

Humans are not basically harmless, humans are cruel, insensitive, lacking empathy, compassion and caring. Humans believe that they own everything in the world and that the world must revolve around their individual egos.

You are just getting a tiny glimpse of what humans are really like. Trust me, most have very sick thoughts and are willing and able to do all manner of horrible things. This is a general applies to the majority, not all.

The majority are sick, mostly due to a very sick society that condones the wrong things and 'penalizes' the right things. Ours is a society that applauds and cheers when two men go into a ring to beat the crap out of one another, yet ours is also the society that all but picks up torches and pitch forks and condemns two men walking down the street hand and hand.

Humans also have a small talent for war, to the point where instead of actually fighting it out to the bitter end, we make up rules and discuss it as honorable, instead of the horrible truth that we have resorted to killing, maiming, bombing and destroying because we can't use our words.

Ours is a world fixated on material gain at any cost. We live in a world were a potential president can look down on 47% of the population as 'useless eaters' because they don't have material gain. Trust me, this ideology is not just Mitt Romney's - our whole society is geared at keeping up with the Jones in what you have. Or if you prefer, your worth as a human being is measured by how many TV's, Cell phones, bedrooms, cars and other useless junk you possess.

Live in an insane asylum long enough and you become insane.
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[SIZE=4]I told you I had the body of a 25 year old....

[Image: 57929.jpg?v=1]
I couldn't imagine the fear that this poor animal was feeling.

People that do this to animals should be treated like the animals they abuse...I believe they call it desexing...stop the abuse cycle dead.
Well... I am not even going to watch the video, reading the description was enough to get me tearing up. People are so cruel and they take out their own sick and twisted perversions on defenseless animals. I see so much ugliness in this world, and things like this make me hate humanity!
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I agree Bowyn, every single one of us has their monstrous side.

It may seem like a naive or rhetorical observation though....I just thought we were better than what we are. In all manners of life. Yeah, I'm not wearing rose-tinted glasses or anything like that (though I may come off that way at times)

I've been reading about the mathematician George Price lately and his theories on human altruism. I don't want to believe that it all boils down to genetic code, that there truly is no such thing as pure empathy or mind won't let me accept that as fact. Its too damn depressing. I would just like to believe there is some good in people and that there are those who truly care for their fellow creatures.

But once more, I seem to be blathering without any real rhyme or reason to my logic. Thank you all for your thoughts and comments thus far on a subject that truly disturbs and sickens me to my very core.
I cannot watch the video so I may be missing something because any kind of animal abuse just wrecks me....and then after my heart is broken I get really angry.

...I am afraid of anyone who tortures animals for any reason. Not afraid for me...afraid for the rest of the world because I know they are a part of it.

Any form of animal or child abuse will evoke a white hot rage from me.

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