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How come no one seems to last at for more tan a few hundred posts?
This is a bit of a phenomena, any message board you visit has old timers that have been there for years and have thousands of posts. What could be causing members to leave after so few posts?

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idk. i was wondering that as well. on another forum im on alot of people have 10's of thousands of posts.
Well, I find a lot of people come here to just find some answers, once they do, they seem to move on. Who knows why really, I like the fact that we aren't bogged down with millions of posts.
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XRIMO Wrote:Well, I find a lot of people come here to just find some answers, once they do, they seem to move on.

I agree. I personally came here when I had problems with my boyfriend and was looking for some answers or just someone to listen to me. Once we broke I didn't come online for few weeks. I am a person who does something in return if I get something previously, this forum helped me a lot and people here, so I felt like staying here, trying to help others could be some kind of favor back to forum.
a forum is an old internet concept. There are competing formats out there.

The nice thing about something like gayspeak is it is a little closeted compared to faceBook. Look at how many members dont have their city or pic listed here. Kinda slow because thinking what homophobic is going to take the time to cruse through the garbage here to find someone to bash.

your not going to find a date here, or not as fast as grinder, they leave.
you get into an insane internet debate on "Free Will"
some of most of the stuff is total fluff; not going to find out how to change out a civic timing belt here.
lots of broken hearts here, time passes and the boy moves on to the next
how much of this is totally virtual
how many peeps have multiple accounts
are the private messages really private ( had an issue on this )
I like your blog board, Wes....
I don't know, I've been a staunch supporter of this site since I joined, even when I've had spates of not coming for a while, I still come back, mainly for the company of a few good Internet buddies... I don't mind that there are broken hearts, as you say, Pellaz, I think we can all do with a little compassion and understanding at times.
I came here cause I was going through problems, figuring out the whole "being Bi" thing.

Now, I've got it and I'm in a good place in my relationship and I just like talking to people here.
Forums are like Cafes...not everyones cuppa tea Smile

Like Cafes, you come into forums to be with familiar faces and just chill out, chat about something serious or just jibber about some bullshit that happened during the day. At a Cafe you have friends whose shoulder you can cry on, whose back you can slap, you can play footsies with under the table etc etc.

Unfortunately a majority of people see a website with 'GAY' in the title and and the first thought is 'Hook up' as is apparent in some of the introductory posts which more than often end up being their only posts.

Forums will survive because there is nothing like having a coffee and a chat with someone in Canada, USA, UK, France, New Zealand, Australia in real time all at the same time.
Please to note I joined a year ago... posted for a month or so then I went away for a while. I got 'a life' and not much time to spend on the internet. Now its winter, the job market has wilted and I have plenty of free time so I am back. Come spring (maybe sooner) things will pick up with my business and with life and I most likely will step out for a few months.

I think people get a life and move on. I see a lot of new posters come in, post an introduction basically telling us they are looking for sex, discovering that this is one of those sites they move on.

I think this is a site more of commiserating and camaraderie pit stop in life.

After all there is only so many witty ways to ban a person before you tired of it :tongue:
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[quote=WesHollywood]This is a bit of a phenomena, any message board you visit has old timers that have been there for years and have thousands of posts. What could be causing members to leave after so few posts?

perhaps not feeling the feeling of family more like the old bbs style iternational message systen here rather that a cohivse group.
one chat on irc we got together and actualy had a phyical meeting in san fransisco
and like 35 or 40 guys showed up from all over the world .

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