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How come no one seems to last at for more tan a few hundred posts?
Besides the one that are looking for a hook up , I would have to say personal choice.
They could be busy , had a disagreement , not comfortable .
Pick one.
Either way it is their choice to either stay or leave.
I deleted my account a couple of times now.....i think I would have had maybe close to 2000 posts. I usually leave if something makes me uncomfortable.

I like to goof off when I am supposed to be working on the computer so I like the diversion and if you want a gay board this is the nicest one I have found. I am a member of a few others now but I don't talk on them and rarely visit. I am not interested in hooking up with anyone so most of the sites are not my thing.
Yeah, I do a lot of work at home on my computer so my browser is always up in the background while I am doing work at home.

I don't enjoy all forums, I just feel that Gayspeak is forum where I am not only able to goof off with a group of people I identify with and enjoy your company, but I also feel it is an outlet to exact change, especially with younger members who chose to be here and are looking for help and friendship.
Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:Please to note I joined a year ago... posted for a month or so then I went away for a while. I got 'a life' and not much time to spend on the internet. Now its winter, the job market has wilted and I have plenty of free time so I am back. Come spring (maybe sooner) things will pick up with my business and with life and I most likely will step out for a few months.

I think people get a life and move on. I see a lot of new posters come in, post an introduction basically telling us they are looking for sex, discovering that this is one of those sites they move on.

I think this is a site more of commiserating and camaraderie pit stop in life.

After all there is only so many witty ways to ban a person before you tired of it :tongue:

I belong to a site, (I will be happy to provide it in a PM, but I really do not want to advertise it here), where I was given fiver users when I joined. I did not understand why they give out that many. As I got into it, I could not keep track of all the users/personalities I was supposed to have. However, I did like being able to challenge my own words using another user of my creation, it became very complex to post and sometimes messages became confusing.

While it is not against the rules here, per se, I think some are using multiple users. I think when we post we have "tells" that can give us away when we have other users. I confess that I have been confused when I send a PM to one user, and the info pops up in a thread from a different user.

If members trade in their identity after a few hundred posts that would explain all the users with minimal posts. At the same time I have to wonder how many members are actually being banned because someone does not like their point of view. I have no use for a website that is afraid of reality and bans for opposing opinions. I like it here, but I was looking for a GLBT message board when I found this one.

[Image: gay-pride.jpg]
I may not post a lot, but sense I joined I show up about once a day to read up on whats going on. I am a fairly passive individual. I have also abandoned forums, and joined others to ask a simple question and then peace out. Other things come up I suppose.
Maybe the problem of people coming and going is that we are afraid to confront the real issues.

I for one have rather lost track on what is going on with AIDS. I mean I practice safe sex, but will that end in my lifetime? Is anything really being done so that one day we do not have to worry about AIDS?

My 47 year old mentor told me that before AIDS you made regular runs to the clinic, got a shot, and forgot about STDs. I think we would all like to see those days return.

With all due respect to the need for guaranteed rights of GLBT marriage, I think a cure for AIDS would be a higher priority. Just an opinion.

[Image: Finding-Vaccine-AIDS.jpg]
Most people on here don't post as much as i've seen on other sites.
I mean i've been here for two or three years, i haven't even hit the 2000 mark yet.

I think it's best to think of GS as a friendly little village which people pass through while on their journey through life. Some just stay longer than others. Confusedmile:

EDIT i see i'm in the top ten posters now.:confused:
Seems Frank's account's closed...
Silly Sarcastic So-and-so
Ive come and gone at forums before. Mainly cus I got bored of them or people werent nice. I think Im going to stay at gayspeak for a while. I like this site alot. Smile
I think members here get bored. I think some members try to dominate the forum using the ability of EVERY MEMBER to issue infractions (read anyone's profile information under "Infractions"). We are adults here we do not need a battle of infractions as payback for losing a thread.

I think there are gangs of members going around and intimidating those who do not agree with them. I for one plan to put a stop to that type of bulling, by informing members in this thread of what I observe. This is a method of self-policing. I hope EVERY MEMBER will bring their complaints to this thread, so we can address them as a group.

To my knowledge there is no boss here, and it is the responsibility of all of us to keep the kind of community we can all be proud of. We need to nail the bullies, once and for all. One person, one vote. With the power to issue "infractions" each of us is a "boss."

[Image: 200806riga-6.jpg]
It's a time constraint for me.

I'm a member of at least 4 other forums, as well as having a Facebook account. I only have so much time.

One of the forums I'm on, I'm the top poster with over 125,000 posts since December of 2005.
Tell him when l come up to him and ask to play the record, l'm gonna say: 
''Voulez-vous jouer ce disque?''
'Voulez-vous, will you kiss my dick?'
Will you play my record? One-track mind!

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