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How cool
just watched Blood and fire the new star trek "GAY" episode on you tube.

Took a while but was worth it great portrayal of gays no bs no gratuitous sex just a tad of kissing and hugging a great story.

about love and loss and courage.

5 Stars

if you like sy fi and Star Trek check out Blood and Fire on you tube

even if you do not like them watch anyway
I didn't know that Star Trek was still being produced but I'll go see if I can find it... sounds interesting.
Thanks for pointing it out, Dave.... having a look. :biggrin:
Reminds of Ugly Betty and the Austin-Justin story there. :]
Having watched several hours of TNG and STV over the past month I was interested to see this fan effort, but really! That's an hour of my life I shan't get back! :frown:

But thanks for the notice, Mr NSL.
gee marsh i was hoping you would see the possessive aspects of Gays FINALLY portrayed as people instead of stereotypical queens and flamers who just want to have sex with every swinging cok in the galaxy

my bad
I'm glade you liked the episode of Star Trek Dave, but I can't do Star Trek despite my epic geekiness.

I can't do star trek or harry potter for future reference.
Lol Timmy. I watched the whole episode... I don't think it was a very good one, even though the story was touching (somewhat), the acting was really poor unfortunately.
I have to admit I didn't make it past 4 1/2 minutes... sorry.
you all seem to miss the point it is a positive portrayal of gays and NON stereotypical for a change

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